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Customized Accessories

Our expert team at Exhibit Auto Styling offers a full range of premium car modification services. From aesthetic enhancements to suspension and performance modifications, we will make sure your vehicle is looking and performing its best.

With access to a huge network of distributors we can source out just about anything you are looking for! 

List of accessories can include but are not limited to:

  • Soft & Hard tonneau covers

  • Wheels & Tires

  • Headlights, taillights, fog lights 

  • Floor mats

  • Towing hitch and accessories

  • Grilles, grille guards, bull bars

  • Cargo Management

  • Truck racks, drop-in bed liners, and accessories

Suspension Modifications

We specialize in installing lift kits that will truly change the look and feel of your truck. We use only the best materials for our lowering and leveling kits, ensuring that your ride stays sleek and is always up to the latest standards. Whether you want to turn heads or just get your vehicle noticed, we are here to help you achieve your car or truck’s full potential.

Suspension modifications can include but are not limited to:

  • Lift kits

  • Levelling kits

  • Lowering kits

  • Coil over suspension

Performance Enhancements

Offering a range of performance enhancements for drivers looking to improve their vehicle’s overall performance, handling, and speed.

We offer services in customizing exhaust systems, engine modifications, brake upgrades, and more. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and ensuring every customer leaves our shop completely satisfied with their improved vehicle’s performance.

exhaust accessories
cold air intake modification
breaking system upgrade photo

Bolt-on exhaust systems

Transform your vehicle's sound and performance with our wide selection of bolt-on exhaust systems. Choose from a variety of options, including mufflers, resonators, and full exhaust systems. Get ready to experience the ultimate upgrade in power and sound with our exhaust solutions.

Cold air intake

Get the most out of your vehicle's performance by installing a cold air intake. As experts in automotive technology, we know that cool air is denser and contains more oxygen than warm air, resulting in increased power. Let us install a cold air intake system in your car and experience the difference!

Upgraded Breaking systems

Upgrade your vehicle's braking system for better stopping power and increased safety on the road. At Exhibit Auto Styling, we offer a comprehensive service to install and upgrade braking systems for your vehicle. Trust our experienced technician to provide expert advice and cutting-edge technology to enhance your driving experience.

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